Maintaining A Wooden Fence

Don’t you just envy the look of your neighbour’s fence; the picture perfect white barrier is enough to make anyone go and make an appointment with a fencing professional.

While wooden fences remain one of the most popular choices when it comes to decorating and protecting a home’s exterior, this material can be subjected to an incredible beating when it comes to the weather conditions. After time, wood is susceptible to rotting, so it’s important that you have a protection layer on top of the wood.

There are two types of rotting, dry and wet rot; while one occurs when water infiltrates the wood, triggering a loss of protective oils and a brittle appearance, the latter is due to an excessive amount of moisture, piercing the timber over an extended amount of time. We strongly recommend investing in a timber sealer immediately after installation, as this will guarantee your fence looks impeccable all year around.

It’s not only the sun and rain you have to worry about; pests, specifically termites love wood, so it’s important that you protect your pristine wooden fence from all threats. Termites may seem like small and harmless creatures; however, they have the potential to eat through the wood, which may force you to replace the barrier.

Traditional paling, picket, post and railing are just some of the wooden options you have when it comes to fences. Those that take proper care, the natural beauty and structural stability of the barrier will be in an immaculate condition, even when it’s pouring down with rain.

If your fence is showing small signs of aging, or if you’ve noticed wood has started to splinter, all it may need is a little sanding. Continuously maintaining the wood will stop you from having to take drastic action.

If you don’t have the time, or the drive to complete this task on your own, contacting a fencing professional will guarantee that your fence is in the right hands.