Colorbond Fences

You’ve built a new home, so congratulations are order! While the appearance of the home is something that many passers-by tend to notice, a fence is usually the next element that is looked at. Colorbond fences are a popular option for those homes that are close to their neighbours, as there are a number of benefits to having Colorbond fences.

Good looking, durable and simple to maintain, Colorbond is slowly becoming the number one choice for home owners. With fourteen different shades to choose from, many of the colours blend in with nature, providing you with the opportunity to decorate your outdoor area, while still having a fence that complements the property.

There can be some large hurdles to overcome for those that live in temperamental regions that experience a range of strong weather conditions, luckily, Colorbond steel is corrosion tested, while its durability is also accessed to ensure that the fences are able to withstand our extreme climate. Colorbond fences are able to be custsteelsheet08omised, so if you would like to put a personal touch, you can add lattice, slats and post caps.

The presence of a Colorbond fence can prevent the fire from progressing, while this is one of the easiest fences to maintain. Forget painting or oiling, all this fence requires is a basic wipe every so often, while there is no need to worry about termites eating the fence.