Maintaining A Wooden Fence

Don’t you just envy the look of your neighbour’s fence; the picture perfect white barrier is enough to make anyone go and make an appointment with a fencing professional.

While wooden fences remain one of the most popular choices when it comes to decorating and protecting a home’s exterior, this material can be subjected to an incredible beating when it comes to the weather conditions. After time, wood is susceptible to rotting, so it’s important that you have a protection layer on top of the wood.

There are two types of rotting, dry and wet rot; while one occurs when water infiltrates the wood, triggering a loss of protective oils and a brittle appearance, the latter is due to an excessive amount of moisture, piercing the timber over an extended amount of time. We strongly recommend investing in a timber sealer immediately after installation, as this will guarantee your fence looks impeccable all year around.

It’s not only the sun and rain you have to worry about; pests, specifically termites love wood, so it’s important that you protect your pristine wooden fence from all threats. Termites may seem like small and harmless creatures; however, they have the potential to eat through the wood, which may force you to replace the barrier.

Traditional paling, picket, post and railing are just some of the wooden options you have when it comes to fences. Those that take proper care, the natural beauty and structural stability of the barrier will be in an immaculate condition, even when it’s pouring down with rain.

If your fence is showing small signs of aging, or if you’ve noticed wood has started to splinter, all it may need is a little sanding. Continuously maintaining the wood will stop you from having to take drastic action.

If you don’t have the time, or the drive to complete this task on your own, contacting a fencing professional will guarantee that your fence is in the right hands.

The Importance of A Fence

Ok, so all of the kids have moved out and you have decided to down size; not only are the interior elements important for potential buyers, the outside must look impeccable. Think of the front garden as a smile; a grin is usually the first thing someone notices, so having a pristine looking lawn with the foundations to present a tidy and well-groomed garden will completely alter the appearance, no matter what your home looks like.


Many people associate the word fence with a way of keeping intruders and unwanted guests off personal property, fences have so many other functions that are often overlooked. More so than not, the appearance of a cute cottage fence is usually what draws in the looks, then we see the lovely home or pretty tulips in the front.

While many people want fences made from iron, especially those with cottage looking homes, there are many alternatives to this common lovely fence. Picket fences, while they’re incredibly welcoming, there is some upkeep required to keep the paint and wood looking fresh. For those on larger sized blocks, iron fences combined with column concrete caps make a statement, and look incredibly regal.

The look of freshly cut natural grass can look pristine, however synthetic turf is becoming more popular, as it literally requires no maintenance. There are many options to choose, from the texture to the length, dress up your backyard with this easy to install turf.

Ensuring that your garden looks impeccable begins with the right soil, as growing colourful flowers and the tastiest vegetables begins with the proper nutrients.

There is not one component that defines a nice garden, different elements can contribute something special.

Colorbond Fences

You’ve built a new home, so congratulations are order! While the appearance of the home is something that many passers-by tend to notice, a fence is usually the next element that is looked at. Colorbond fences are a popular option for those homes that are close to their neighbours, as there are a number of benefits to having Colorbond fences.

Good looking, durable and simple to maintain, Colorbond is slowly becoming the number one choice for home owners. With fourteen different shades to choose from, many of the colours blend in with nature, providing you with the opportunity to decorate your outdoor area, while still having a fence that complements the property.

There can be some large hurdles to overcome for those that live in temperamental regions that experience a range of strong weather conditions, luckily, Colorbond steel is corrosion tested, while its durability is also accessed to ensure that the fences are able to withstand our extreme climate. Colorbond fences are able to be custsteelsheet08omised, so if you would like to put a personal touch, you can add lattice, slats and post caps.

The presence of a Colorbond fence can prevent the fire from progressing, while this is one of the easiest fences to maintain. Forget painting or oiling, all this fence requires is a basic wipe every so often, while there is no need to worry about termites eating the fence.

The Benefits of Glass Fences and Balustrades

Barriers are required to be installed in a number of locations on a property, from around the swimming pool to those who have balconies. Behind the obvious reason of safety, fences add an extra element to a home and can make it look complete. Fences and balustrades made from glass have a number of advantages, while they may not have been the number one choice for home owners many years ago, their popularity has increased dramatically.

Glass Fences

Fences made from glass are predominantly seen around swimming pools; given that a swimming pool in Queensland with a depth of 30 centimetres must have a barrier of 1.2 metres or higher, it’s important that you select the most appropriate option for your property. Even through the laws are quite simular in the other states, we recommend that you verify the regulations in your region.


Glass fences are incredibly attractive, as this modern and chic option is easy on the eye and creates the illusion of more space outdoors. Glass eliminates that sense of restriction, as many might feel with tubular or Colorbond fences. Glass has less of a tenancy to rot or rust, and although it’s quite noticeable when it needs a clean, it’s simple to maintain.

Many may be sceptical to select glass as a fencing option due to fearing it isn’t as durable as other materials, however this is quite the contrary as glass is incredibly thick and treated to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Glass Balustrades

Glass Balustrades have increased in popularity over the last decade, as these elements are typically installed along staircases and balconies. Many homes with water views tend to have glass balustrades, allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted view. These balustrades are also used in many commercial locations, including in Universities and apartment complexes, as they look clean and elegant and can completely dress up a specific location.


If you would like to find out more information, we recommend you do some research and get quotes from multiple businesses to find the best deals.

What You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Fences In Your State

All swimming pools in Australia must be surrounded by a fence; although the laws slightly vary depending on the state, the motive remains the same, to prevent children from entering the pool vicinity while unaccompanied by an adult or a responsible guardian.  It’s imperative that if you’re in the process of installing a swimming pool, or already have one, that you make sure your fence complies with your states regulations.

Poolfencing vic
The law in New South Wales is changing as of the 29th of April, 2016, prohibiting the selling or leasing of a property without a valid certificate stating the it has passed the laws. A copy of the certificate must accompany the sale contract or tenancy agreement to sell or rent a property containing a swimming pool. The definition of a swimming pool, according to the law is an excavation, structure, or vessel that is more than 30 centimetres and used for swimming.

Registering your swimming pool is simple and will enable you to help make your pool as safe as it can be , once you’ve answered all the questions, a checklist will be sent to you allowing you to check your pool.

An inspection can be completed by local councils and accredited certifiers that are registered with the building professional board. It’s recommended that you do that before the end of April 2016.

For more information, visit the NSW Swimming Pool Register.



Although there is no imminent change to the law regarding swimming pool fences in Victoria, the Victorian Building Authority recommends you check that your pool complies with the current rules and regulations. Just like its counterpart, Victorian law also states that pools and spas with a depth greater than 30 centimeters must be fenced off and not be directly accessible through any other entrance. Indoor pools and spas must also follow the same rules as outdoor ones.

A building permit must be issued before commencing the installation by a Relevant Building Surveyor, and in order to obtain the permit, an extensive amount of planning, including detailed drawings must be done to ensure the fence will meet all of the safety standards. The permit must also state the date, in which the installation must begin by, while if the new pool receives more than 30 centimetres of water, it must have a temporary barrier around it until the permanent fence has been installed.

For more in-depth information, visit this site.
pool qld

In 2010, Queensland introduced some new laws that must be followed, with a five-year phase in period. The 30th of November was the cut off date, and for those who haven’t obeyed the rules, a fine of over $800 might be given to you. Not only is this relevant to residential properties with a swimming pool, all commercial buildings such as hotels and motels must comply with the new pool rules, either having a suitable pool barrier or a pool safety management plan that’s been approved by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Pool safety certificates are an absolute must for those renting or selling property that has a pool.

Like New South Wales and Victoria, Queensland has strict rules, all properties must follow the Building Act 1975, which includes fitting all gates with latches that cannot be opened by children, and having a suitable barrier.
For further details, visit the Queensland Government website.

Different Types Of Fences

Selecting the right fence for your property is incredibly important, not only does it shape your home’s exterior, but it also provides a secure barrier for you and your family. There are many different types of fences to choose from, varying in colours and prices, you’re sure to find the most suitable one for you.

Aluminium Fencing

One of the most common types of fences, this requires very little maintenance and comes in a wide selection of colours. Although this isn’t the most secure type of barrier, it will certainly keep yours pets from running off the property and also prevent others from entering. If you live in areas that are prone to severe weather, you may want to think about another alternative as these aren’t meant to be the most strongest type of fence.



Timber Fencing

Fences made from wood are very popular, especially ones that are white, as they can made your outdoor area look incredibly pretty. This affordable option is a wonderful way to provide a welcoming feeling, and can be painted to any colour. Even though this option is budget friendly, it can take quite a while to complete as cutting the wood to suit the height and style you desire is a long process.




Chain Mesh Fencing

Even through fences made from chain mesh are not for those people who desire a great deal of privacy, this option is not only cheap, but also incredibly durable. Requiring very little maintenance, this option is used for many large properties, such as schools, sports ovals, warehouses and more. To gain a small amount of seclusion with these barriers, many home owners choose to plant flowers and trees.




Farm Fencing

Farm fencing, as you would expect would take a long time to install, as farms are set on acres of land. These are made from wood and used are mostly installed to prevent animals from disappearing off the property.



Do You Want To Enhance Your Property? Look No Further Than a Fence

It’s Sunday morning and you begin to walk around the block, taking in the beautiful surroundings and that aroma of fresh flowers as you walk towards the end of your street. While taking in the lovely settings, this home complete with a pretty white picket fence pulls on your heartstrings.

Fences can be installed for many reasons, such as maintaining your privacy, wanting to create a stylish finish or to prevent your dogs from running off.

The first thing to do if you’re thinking about installing a fence around your commercial or residential property is to find an established business who will provide you with all of the important details. There are a number of aspects to take into consideration when getting a fence installed, from the height of the fence to the type of fence you want, the colour, gates and more.


The level of maintenance is something to consider when getting a new fence; certain designs require frequent upkeep, others need very little. If a wood fence is something that you’re looking at, you have to be prepared to look after it in order to preserve its natural appeal. Fences made from metal are pricier yet require very little work. Colorbond fences are also a good option and come in a wide selection of colours and styles.

Budget is also an important factor to think about, all fences vary in prices and it’s important to find the fence that not only suits your property, but will suit your budget.


If your pet has a tenancy to run away, its crucial to find the right fence that won’t give your pet the opportunity to jump over the fence or escape from under the barrier.

Make sure you’re fully aware of the requirements needed to keep your fence in pristine condition. Safety is incredibly important; ensure that all rules and regulations are followed to guarantee the whole process runs according to plan.

For expert assistance, contact Pro Touch Fencing today.


Fences are not only an excellent way to ensure that your pets remain on your property; they can also add a visually appealing element to your residential property. ALPM is made up of an experienced team, here to provide the best and most affordable fencing services. Our business has been operating for over 5 years, throughout that time; our team have had the opportunity install fences of all types, for numerous locations. What differentiates us from our competitors is our determination to successfully provide outstanding results. Finding solutions is our specialty, as we communicate with all clients throughout the process, regularly updating them on the progression of the service.



We’ll gladly help out the people who are finding it challenging to find the right fence to suit their budget and style. ALPM provide services that are of the highest standards of all times, as our diligence and reliability are just some of the reasons why our team continues to deliver the best services. We understand the need to provide efficient assistance, as all fences will be installed within a reasonable time frame, while never compromising on the quality of our work.


For further details regarding our fencing services, or to make an appointment, contact ALPM today!

Why You Should Choose A Timber Fence

Congratulations, so you’ve just moved into a new house. The interiors are perfect, the garden is in impeccable condition; however the fence is in need of a change. There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a new fence, personal style and budget are two of the main things that concern most people.

Timber is one of the most durable materials and is an excellent option for people looking to install a fence that looks visually appealing. Timber is an easy material to cut, allowing for you to choose the height that would suit you. Selecting a timber fence gives you more control when it comes to designing your fence. Whether you would like a pattern on the top of your fence or have visible gaps between the timber beams, you can pretty much design a timber fence to suit your personal style.



You might be under the impression that timber is bland and only has one colour; this couldn’t be further from the truth as it comes in a range of shades. Wood is an incredibly versatile material, and can always be painted, unlike fences made from metals.

Although certain fences may look trendy and in style for a short time, timber fences are timeless, and will never date. They are a popular choice among many people who aim to increase the value of their property.



Timber is incredibly sturdy and if you’re fence ever requires some shininess; purchasing some coating for the wood is the way to go. As well as giving your fence a nice finish, it also provides extra protection from the sun; only two coats are needed for your timber fence to receive a perfect finish.

If you’re looking for a business that supplies timber, look no further than Sandgate Timber Mill, offering the highest quality materials at the most affordable prices.

If you would prefer to leave the fencing installation process to an expert, contact Border & Boundary Fencing today, they’ll happily provide you with the best timber fence for your property.