Different Types Of Fences

Selecting the right fence for your property is incredibly important, not only does it shape your home’s exterior, but it also provides a secure barrier for you and your family. There are many different types of fences to choose from, varying in colours and prices, you’re sure to find the most suitable one for you.

Aluminium Fencing

One of the most common types of fences, this requires very little maintenance and comes in a wide selection of colours. Although this isn’t the most secure type of barrier, it will certainly keep yours pets from running off the property and also prevent others from entering. If you live in areas that are prone to severe weather, you may want to think about another alternative as these aren’t meant to be the most strongest type of fence.



Timber Fencing

Fences made from wood are very popular, especially ones that are white, as they can made your outdoor area look incredibly pretty. This affordable option is a wonderful way to provide a welcoming feeling, and can be painted to any colour. Even though this option is budget friendly, it can take quite a while to complete as cutting the wood to suit the height and style you desire is a long process.




Chain Mesh Fencing

Even through fences made from chain mesh are not for those people who desire a great deal of privacy, this option is not only cheap, but also incredibly durable. Requiring very little maintenance, this option is used for many large properties, such as schools, sports ovals, warehouses and more. To gain a small amount of seclusion with these barriers, many home owners choose to plant flowers and trees.




Farm Fencing

Farm fencing, as you would expect would take a long time to install, as farms are set on acres of land. These are made from wood and used are mostly installed to prevent animals from disappearing off the property.



Do You Want To Enhance Your Property? Look No Further Than a Fence

It’s Sunday morning and you begin to walk around the block, taking in the beautiful surroundings and that aroma of fresh flowers as you walk towards the end of your street. While taking in the lovely settings, this home complete with a pretty white picket fence pulls on your heartstrings.

Fences can be installed for many reasons, such as maintaining your privacy, wanting to create a stylish finish or to prevent your dogs from running off.

The first thing to do if you’re thinking about installing a fence around your commercial or residential property is to find an established business who will provide you with all of the important details. There are a number of aspects to take into consideration when getting a fence installed, from the height of the fence to the type of fence you want, the colour, gates and more.


The level of maintenance is something to consider when getting a new fence; certain designs require frequent upkeep, others need very little. If a wood fence is something that you’re looking at, you have to be prepared to look after it in order to preserve its natural appeal. Fences made from metal are pricier yet require very little work. Colorbond fences are also a good option and come in a wide selection of colours and styles.

Budget is also an important factor to think about, all fences vary in prices and it’s important to find the fence that not only suits your property, but will suit your budget.


If your pet has a tenancy to run away, its crucial to find the right fence that won’t give your pet the opportunity to jump over the fence or escape from under the barrier.

Make sure you’re fully aware of the requirements needed to keep your fence in pristine condition. Safety is incredibly important; ensure that all rules and regulations are followed to guarantee the whole process runs according to plan.

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Fences are not only an excellent way to ensure that your pets remain on your property; they can also add a visually appealing element to your residential property. ALPM is made up of an experienced team, here to provide the best and most affordable fencing services. Our business has been operating for over 5 years, throughout that time; our team have had the opportunity install fences of all types, for numerous locations. What differentiates us from our competitors is our determination to successfully provide outstanding results. Finding solutions is our specialty, as we communicate with all clients throughout the process, regularly updating them on the progression of the service.



We’ll gladly help out the people who are finding it challenging to find the right fence to suit their budget and style. ALPM provide services that are of the highest standards of all times, as our diligence and reliability are just some of the reasons why our team continues to deliver the best services. We understand the need to provide efficient assistance, as all fences will be installed within a reasonable time frame, while never compromising on the quality of our work.


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